Posh Scopes: Sagittarius

November 22–December 21

Sagittarius horoscope 2018

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Colors: Blue, navy

Day: Thursday

Gem: Topaz

Flower: Carnation

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! We’re sure you’re busy jet-setting and travelling for the holidays (travel is your middle name), but don’t forget to pack pampering essentials, perfect for you in November and December.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into your sign for the first time in 12 years, which means it’s time to come out of your shell. You have more self-confidence then ever and are ready to share yourself with the world. Be sure you don’t over-promise and over-schedule, especially during the holidays when time is already tight; promise yourself you’ll schedule some me time to help you stay balanced.

Try: For me time that only takes a minute, rub in some Sassyooma™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème scented with sweet citrus. Bonus: Its 3 oz. size makes it TSA-friendly. Speaking of travel, Bare It All™ Micellar Cleansing Wipes are perfect for pampering on the go; they lift dirt and makeup away like a magnet while toning and hydrating with prickly pear and radish root.

Your curious and energetic personality means you’ll likely get invited to lots of parties this Christmas season, where everyone is counting on you to make a hilarious, yet brutally honest, joke— “It’s funny because it’s true,” is totally your style. Your “the more, the merrier” mentality means you know how to mingle and work a room, but be cautious in December; the stars indicate a strain on both your mental and physical health.

Try: Relax post-party with a scoop (or two) of Cold on Hold™ All Mixd Up bath salts in a warm tub to keep cooties at bay, followed by Good Hydrations™ generously applied neck to toes. It soothes with oats while coating skin in a protective layer of shea butter. Plus, its soothing lavender essential oil helps you unwind for a good night’s sleep.

10 Reasons Why We Love Sagittarius:

  • You tell it like it is

  • You’re hard working but always down to splurge

  • You love being outdoors

  • You’re easy to travel with

  • Your energy amps everyone up

  • You’re hilarious

  • You’re a giver

  • You’re idealistic

  • You see the big picture and don’t worry about tiny details

  • Friends can count on you to tell them the truth

Mantra for the Month: When I focus and commit, my big ideas become reality.