Cann I Be™: How to Take Your Pampering to the Next Level

Q. What do you do when the most pampering products still aren’t enough to make you feel totally mellow?

A. Add
Cann I Be 225 mg Full Spectrum Oil.

Cann I Be is a blend of CBD oil from the hemp plant (no, it won’t get you high) and cooling peppermint essential oil you can add to your favorite Posh products to make them more soothing, relaxing, and moisturizing.

So, how does it work?

Hemp oil, rich in cannabinoids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, helps create a strong lipid barrier on the surface of your skin to lock in moisture while helping you relax and unwind, and peppermint essential oil cools and soothes.

When added to products like serums, crèmes, and body butters, it boosts their ability to pamper thanks to CBD oil from the hemp plant, relaxing mind and body, resulting in more even skin tone, a smoother complexion, and calmer looking skin. Our staff has been using it for weeks, head to toe, both for targeted skin issues and overall well-being. Here’s what we’ve heard around the office:

“More moisturizing than body butter alone.”

“Relieves tension with a cooling sensation from the peppermint.”

“My skin feels less tight and dry, especially on my hands”

“My skin is definitely softer.”

“My hands feel smoother.”

“My skin feels soothed.”

“It made my skin soft and not oily.”

“I was able to relax and sleep.”

“Less tension when added to a Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème and on my shoulders.”

Take your pampering to the next level, head to toe, when you apply Cann I Be directly to skin or add a few drops to products like these:

Face: Egg on Your Face Wash (1/2 dropper full)

Hands: Beeautiful Hand Crème (3–4 drops)

Body: Mad for Magnesium Body Butter (1–2 droppers full)

Start small and add more drops as needed to create a custom blend to fit your specific pampering needs, taking your pampering to the next level!

Interested in reading the Certificate of Analysis for Cann I Be? Click here.