How to Make Your Bath More Posh

Bathtub_1869 copy.jpg
There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.
— Sylvia Plath

Bathing is so much more than just cleansing. Sure, anyone can fill up a tub and sit in it, but when done correctly, your bathtub can become the most magical place on the planet. Whether you have a gorgeous clawfoot bath or a pre-fab basin full of kids tub toys, here’s how to bring your me time to the next level:


Sulfate-free bubble bath with Bubble Up All Mixd Up bath salts

What is a bath without bubbles? Basically just a dip into a warm pool—that’s what. But because we love our skin and you should too, look for sulfate-free options like Bubble Up™ that won’t dry you out.


Perfectly Posh bath to celebrate #bathweek

Bathtime is more fun when you have something fun to sip. If you’re looking for full-on glam, try a piscine: champagne poured over ice (because your bubbly can never be too cold). Red wine is also a good pick because the humidity from your bath helps the flavor profile open up. For a more hydrating option, create your own spa water by combining sliced fruit, berries, or mint with your choice of sparkling or still.


Perfectly Posh bath with bath time Spotify playlist

A Spotify playlist or relaxing Pandora station are great ways to set the mood for me time. If adding music seems a bit much, just imagine the alternative: utter silence except for your faucet slowly drip, drip, dripping. Check out this mellow mix on our Spotify station.



Flower petals are a decadent touch for special occasions, but for everyday try dropping in a Fízi bath bomb filled with magnesium-rich salt from the Great Salt Lake to soften skin. Ask your Consultant for more details about how to shop these indulgent, sulfate-free bath bombs. Then up the ante with a few artfully placed candles and turn off all the lights for a truly spa-like soak.


We’re talking about essential oils. Loaded with benefits for your skin, they also add extra silkiness to your bath water. You can find them in All Mixd Up™ Bath Salts, like Sleepy Sleep™ with lavender oil, Cold on Hold™ with eucalyptus, or Muscle Through™ with rosemary (this one also has Epsom salts to help you relax!). Additionally, try adding CBD oil from the hemp plant to moisturize and clam stressed out skin.


Sleep On It Overnight Moisture Mask example

A relaxing soak is benefit enough, but when you’re looking for more, a bath is the perfect time for an exfoliating and/or masking ritual. Try using a scrub like Beach Blanket™ Body Scrub on especially dry patches before getting your skin wet for a bit more aggressive exfoliation. Then use a body polish like PJs All Day™ while you’re in the tub, neck to toes, to finish the job. You’ll emerge glowing.

For masking, the bath is the perfect place to lie back and unwind while your hair mask (we love One Night Strand™) conditions and nourishes roots. Face masks that you don’t mind leaving on for awhile, like All I’ve Avo Wanted™ Nourishing, Hydrating Face Mask are also great for the bath; just avoid anything that may get too intense after 10 minutes, as the steam from your bath water opens up pores, allowing your mask to work even deeper. Avoid sheet masks, they tend to slip off in the humidity.

Elevate your bathing into an art form to take your me time to the next level and see why baths are our favorite way to pamper.