Our Must-Have Ingredient for Spa-Quality Pampering


It makes you want to take a deep breath. And another. And it’s not just because of its relaxing aroma.

Eucalyptus is a favorite ingredient in spa treatments and high-end spa products because it contains cineols and terpenes (chemical compounds) scientifically shown to affect the respiratory system to promote relaxation. Plus, these same compounds help skin get really, really clean.

Packed with antioxidants, eucalyptus helps defend skin from environmental toxins that can lead to skin imperfections, and helps to purify skin for a clearer, healthier looking complexion. When added to a bath or used in the shower, the slightly medicinal, minty pine fragrance combines with the surrounding warmth and humidity to create an amazing steam that helps open pores and cleanse skin, leaving you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Native to Australia, the kind of eucalyptus most commonly used in Posh products is eucalyptus globulus, a tree with elongated leaves that grows quickly and is adaptable to a wide range of climate conditions, making it a sustainable source of essential oil.

To extract the oil for use in pampering products, eucalyptus leaves are boiled in hot water and the steam that evaporates is collected. After the steam condenses again, the eucalyptus oil is separated from the condensed water. This is called steam distillation, and it results in a high quality, pure essential oil.

The next time you need a spa day, skip the pricey facials and soaking tubs and try at-home pampering with eucalyptus, available in a variety of Posh products.