Inside the Winter Product Launch

On October 1, we launched Snow Biz, the Winter Extra catalog, filled with seasonal products perfect for comfy, cozy pampering like a charcoal foot mask, sodium hyaluronate body crème, and a non-gelatin peel-off face mask, plus the holiday lineup dropped, including a minty version of The Healer™ Skin Stick, a candy cane scented Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Creme, and new Fízi bath bombs.

Never been to a Posh product launch? Here’s an inside peek at what you’re missing!

leadership with wine.jpg

Posh leaders (Consultants ranked Premier+) got to celebrate launch a little early with a sneak peek the night before the official product release. We wined and dined (ok, not so much dined… mostly wined), and tried new moisturizers like Young Love™ Body Crème, fragranced with light tangerine and plum, and spun sugar Let’s Spoon™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème.

The lobby at Mellow Day Away 2018 in Chicago

With “mellow” as our theme, it was important that guests had plenty of comfy spots to lounge, so we took over the lobby at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel near Chicago and Poshified it with deep sectionals, plush ottomans, and lots of luxe, velvety pillows.

Relaxing at Mellow Day Away 2018 in Chicago

It didn’t take long for the circular banquette to fill up with pajama-clad guests ready to get cozy!

Sole Sister Foot Mask Shot at Winter Day Away 2018

Any good product launch has plenty of full-sized products to try, like the Insta-worthy, peppermint and tea tree Sole Sister™ Charcoal Detox and Cooling Clay Foot Mask. Guests were snapping pics and making everyone at home sooo #jealous!

Trying new Vial long-wear lip color at Mellow Day Away 2018 in Chicago

Who says you can’t be glam in your ‘jams? Ladies were loving the 2 new Vial™ long-wear lip shades for winter, Market Urgent and Pillow Fight, plus sparkly Oh My Fleck top coat. First step: get lips ready for fierce color with Primed Vial Primer.

CBD oil pre-launch at Mellow Day Away 2018

Caeli Esser and Jessica Kamerman were some of the first to check out Cann I Be™ More Pampered Essential Oil Drops, a blend of CBD oil from the hemp plant and peppermint essential oil, with VP of Product Development Stacy Simmons, who apparently either didn’t get the PJ memo, or her loungewear is waaay more rockstar than the rest of us!

Fizi Bath Bombs at Mellow Day Away 2018

To celebrate the return of bath season, we brought tons of Fízi bath bombs filled with magnesium-rich salt from the Great Salt Lake to soothe and soften skin. These three are fragranced with sugar plum, citrus & champagne, and piña colada, and are part of the Jingle Balls™ Fízi-3 Pack, which is perfect for holiday gifting… if you can wait that long without sneaking one into your own tub!

Birthday cake at Mellow Day Away 2018 in Chicago

Time for a cake break! (Because what’s a birthday without cake?!) A local pastry chef from the Chicago area custom made this lemon crème concoction in honor of Posh turning 7 on October 1.

Posh birthday cupcake decorations at Mellow Day Away 2018

Fancy designing your own cake? We brought chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, tons of frosting, and lots of decorations—including these white chocolate Posh candies—for all 618 people in attendance!

Holiday product lineup at Mellow Day Away 2018 in Chicago

Product Development Manager Ashley Lawrence helped show off the holiday lineup, complete with cute wrapping ideas, like tucking a Skin Stick or Glare Long-Wear Liquid Eyeshadow under a big pink bow.

Swag boxes and Snow Biz Winter Extra catalogs at Mellow Day Away 2018

To end the launch party, guests were given a bundle of Snow Biz Winter Extra catalogs and a box full of products, including Poshymellow™ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème (a Posh 7th-birthday exclusive), ‘Tis the Season to Be Freezin’ Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème, Ice Queen™ Purifying Gentle Peel-Off Face Mask, and lots of Chunk™ samples. That’s over $60 in swag!

Posh leaders in Chicago at Mellow Day Away 2018

Want to be part of a live product launch? You don’t have to be a Consultant like Caeli Esser, Jessica Kamerman, or Tiffany Judd—everyone is invited! We’re busy planning the Core 2019 launch and it will be way more fun if you join us in Jacksonville, FL on January 12. Contact your Consultant for details.