What's Your Type? Take Our Quiz to Determine Your Skin's Personality

Posh Dry Skin Type

Determining your skin type is the first step to having the skin of your dreams. Take this short quiz and find your type. Which of these sounds most like you?

1. How does your face usually feel?

A: Dry and tight all over

B: Oily

C: Dry cheeks with an oily nose, forehead, and chin

D: Balanced all over

2. What skin issues do you experience most?

A: Dull and uneven complexion with fine lines and wrinkles

B: Slick skin that’s prone to breakouts and blackheads

C: Fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes with clogged pores on your nose and chin

D: Sensitive areas due to breakouts

3. If you wear makeup, how does it look by mid-day?

A: Flaky all over

B: Shiny all over

C: Flaky on cheeks and shiny on nose and chin

D: Still looks good!

If you answered mostly A…

You have DRY skin.

Dry skin can be genetic or a product of its environment. For example, colder weather can dry out skin. If your complexion feels constantly thirsty and flaky, try a hydrating and moisturizing routine.

If you answered mostly B…

You have OILY skin.

Skin that’s oily can be more likely to experience clogged pores and imperfections, but oil also helps keep skin looking young by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. Control the slick with a routine for a more balanced complexion.

If you answered mostly C…


Normal/combination is the most common skin type, with drier cheeks and an oily T-zone. You get the best, and worst, of both worlds, but when you customize with this routine, skin stays looking balanced and fresh.

If you answered mostly D…

You have SIMPLE/YOUNG skin

Younger skin tends to be a touch on the oily side and can be more sensitive, so it needs a gentle routine to keep it feeling fresh and looking clear, promoting even skin tone and visibly reduced imperfections.

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