Simple/Young Skin Gets a Routine Worth Fixating Over

Posh Young Simple Skin Routine

SIMPLE/YOUNG skin is a way of describing skin that is more common in your teens and early twenties. Due to hormonal changes, this skin type tends to be a touch on the oily side and can be more sensitive. For some people, this skin type sticks around into their thirties, forties, or later, while other people find their skin fitting into a more traditional dry/combo/oily category once they reach adulthood.

If you have simple/young skin, it needs a gentle routine to keep it feeling fresh and looking clear, promoting even skin tone and visibly reduced imperfections. Sticking to a daily routine is the best way to ensure a flawless face for years to come.


Cleanse: Show Off™ Foaming Face Cleanser

Tone: Set the Tone™ Balancing Toner

Moisturize: Gel Yes!™ Gel to Water Face Moisturizer


Pore Chores™ Pore Treatment Face Mask

Cheat Sheets™ Cucumber Under Eye Sheet Masks


Zit Zapper™ Blemish Crème


Get a simple clean with an ultra-mild cleanser that won’t strip your skin as it gently foams. Show Off can be used morning and night, plus it’s filled with citrus oils to help your skin feel fresh. Follow with toner on a cotton pad to help promote an even looking complexion. Aloe helps hydrate skin so it feels soft while willow bark keeps skin visibly clear. Lastly, apply a dime-sized amount of Gel Yes!, a super unique moisturizer that soothes skin in a gel-to-water formula.


Treat skin weekly with Cheat Sheets, sheet masks shaped for under the eye area and packed with soothing cucumber to help brighten dark circles and reduce the appearance of puffiness. While your eye mask does its moisturizing magic, apply a little Pore Chores to your nose and/or chin. Illite clay helps absorb impurities while seaweed works to reduce the appearance of pores for flawless looking skin.


Whenever an imperfection pops up, dab it with Zit Zapper to soothe with glycolic acid, witch hazel, tamarind, and tea tree, helping reduce its appearance fast!

Pro Tip:

  • Before trying a new skincare product, test it on your inner wrist or elbow to make sure your skin doesn’t have a sensitivity to it

Not sure what your skin type is? We’ve got a simple quiz to help you find the perfect routine.

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