Which Body Butter is Best for Your Winter Skin

Perfectly Posh Best Body Butter for Your Winter Skin

Winter is officially here, which is great for skiers, hot cocoa lovers, cozying up with your boo, and all things hygge (can someone please tell us how to pronounce that word), but not so much for your skin. Winter skin is #theworst. What’s a girl to do when holiday parties roll around and her skin is looking and feeling overly dry? I mean, it’s called a little black dress for a reason! You can’t wear something little and black if you’re legs look dry and wack.

While spending the season hiding your winter skin behind a faux fur coat or long, puffy jacket isn’t exactly a terrible idea, there’s a better (and less expensive) solution. Butter your body. Shea, mango, and cocoa butters are some of the very best things you can put on your skin to keep it soft all winter long.

Shea Butter

Moisturizing shea butter contains vitamin A, which can help promote younger looking, supple skin—and who doesn’t want that? This universal butter is a great go-to for all skin types, even oily. Aside from helping to hydrate and condition skin, shea butter is also beneficial for lips. It helps smooth and moisturize to soothe against the elements, like cold winter air.

We’re shea butter freaks here at Posh; so much so that we created the Shea Sisterhood to support the women in Ghana who harvest and create our shea.

Shea Butter Skin Routine

If you’re as obsessed with shea butter as we are, you’ll love this soothing routine:

Step 1: Always Ghana Love You™ Shea Butter Bath Bar

At 25% shea butter (more than any other Chunk™), this cleansing bar nourishes with a rich, sulfate-free and tallow-free lather scented with tart pomegranate, grape, and pear.

Step 2: The Healer™ Snarky Bar

Scrubby beads made from sugarcane (they dissolve in water so they’re eco-friendly) tackle your roughest patches of skin in a softening shea butter base fragranced with natural vanilla and orange oils.

Step 3: Jam Packed™ Antioxidant Body Butter

Generously apply this sparkling strawberry, pear, and plum scented body butter onto clean skin for tons of moisturizing shea, plus a powerful punch of antioxidants to help defend and protect.

Bonus: Swipe on one of our yummy, shea-loaded lip balms before you head out.

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Cocoa Butter

Rich cocoa butter functions as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin's surface, while also forming a barrier between your skin and the elements. Popular for everything from stretch marks to sun damage, cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and helps keep skin supple. It’s great for dry skin, which is more prone to micro-tears. (Plus, it’s used to make chocolate—talk about decadent!)

Cocoa Butter Skin Routine

Say buh-bye to dry skin with this rich, moisturizing routine:

Step 1: Where You Bean All My Life™ Chunk Big Bath Bar

This tallow-free, cocoa butter Chunk™ cleanses and wakes up dull skin with the addition of exfoliating lactic acid and sugar, scented with coffee and vanilla crème.

Step 2: Brazilian Bombshell™ Body Butter

Not only does this moisturizer contain cocoa butter, it also has shea butter to wrap skin in a blanket of rich hydration, relieving dry, irritated, winter skin, scented with Brazil nut, coconut cream, and vanilla.

Step 3: Perk!™ Skin Stick

Taking cocoa butter with you means moisturized, protected skin 24/7. We love on-the-go Perk! Skin Stick with peppermint essential oil to soothe and refresh.

Bonus: Treat your face to All I’ve Avo Wanted™ Hydrating, Nourishing Face Mask 2–3x/week with a creamy cocoa butter base and avocado, rich in essential fatty acids.

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Mango Butter

Lightweight mango butter contains even higher levels of essential fatty acids than shea and cocoa butters, and is an especially good option for moisturizing sensitive skin. Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, it can even help reduce the appearance of dark spots for a brighter, more even looking complexion.

Mango Butter Skin Routine

Winter skin often means sensitive skin; calm it with these easy steps:

Step 1: Milking It™ Chunk Big Bath Bar

Milking It doesn’t contain mango butter, but it’s perfect for cleansing sensitive skin. It contains goat’s milk, which helps rejuvenate skin, while oats calm and honey helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture.

Step 2: Hard Daze Night™ Body Butter

Mango combines with hemp and shea in this ultra-moisturizing butter to calm even the most irritated skin with an extra dose of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, scented with fig, magnolia, and sandalwood.

Step 3: Daze a Vous™ Skin Stick

For an extra touch of mango butter on chapped, cracked skin, turn to this on-the-go Skin Stick with mango and soothing oat kernel oil in a protective beeswax base.

Bonus: Reap the benefits of mango for your face with Never Grow Up™ Face Serum and Face Crème.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Body Butter

  1. Start by exfoliating. Butters sink in better when they don’t have to battle with layers and layers of dry skin, so it’s important to give skin a gentle scrub or use a cleanser with non-abrasive exfoliants like lactic acid, glycolic acid, or goat’s milk.

  2. Apply your butters fresh out of the tub or shower; they sink in better when skin is damp.

Save your skin from winter’s worst and turn it into a winter wonder with nourishing butters. The sooner you start with a butter routine, the better your skin will look and feel!

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