What Your Lip Shade Reveals About You


Do you know what your fave lip shade reveals?

Whether you choose to go nude or bright red, what you wear on the outside can say a lot about what’s on the inside. Check out what your favorite Vial™ shade divulges about you.


Mocha Me

This rich, earthy brown shade shows off the true you. If you love Mocha Me, it means you’re warm and authentic. You’re also dependable. More often than not, you have a comfy sense of style with your own chic personal flair.


Love the Wine You’re With

Love the Wine You’re With? Of course you do—and you’re not afraid to show it. Those who love deep wine and berry colors are straightforward and honest. You’re also decisive and intuitive. Fashion wise, you’re a forward thinker who loves trendy looks.


Truth or Dare

Which one do you choose: truth or dare? Knowing you, you’ll choose both. Those who love bright red lip shades are passionate and ambitious. You’re also confident, bold, and sexy. You love to pair your bold lips with your classic style. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it.




Stop Blushing

Thinking pink? This means you have a positive, go-getter attitude paired with a dedicated and sensitive personality. You’re personable and bubbly and you love to show off your girlie side with flirty, feminine fashion.


Beyond the Pale

This creamy nude shade bares a lot about you. You’re naturally fun-loving with a sweet demeanor. You always remember to say “please” and “thank you” because you’re super polite. Your look is all about being natural—from your makeup to your clothes.

Choose your favorite Vial shade for long-wear lip color that won’t damage, dry, or burn your lips. Contact your Perfectly Posh Consultant or visit stainwithoutshame.com.  And remember, more Vial shades are coming soon!

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