Stain Without Shame: Using Green Chemistry for a More Natural Long-Wear Lip Color

You love lip stains, right? Who doesn’t love the idea of fierce, long-wear color that lasts? But it’s hard to find one that doesn’t hurt after putting it on. You know what that feels like: the stinging as it sets followed by dryness all day. YIKES! And then trying to remove it? Don’t even get us started. You have to scrub or use even harsher chemical ingredients to get that stuff off your lips because most lip stains are made with harsh ingredients. These ingredients can dry, burn, and damage your lips. That’s not sexy.

You know what is sexy? Chemistry. More specifically, GREEN CHEMISTRY. Bet you weren’t expecting to read that, were you?

What is Green Chemistry?

Don’t worry; we won’t go all lab coat on you, but we are about to drop some sexy knowledge about green chemistry and how it’s used to create Vial™, our simple two-step hydrolocking lip system that lets you have FIERCE, long lasting color that won’t burn, dry, crack, or whip your lips.

Green chemistry uses natural ingredients filtered at the molecular level to make them last longer and nourish better than traditional synthetic color binding agents. What natural ingredients? Fermented desert date oil.

What’s so special about fermented desert date oil and using this process? David, one of the mad, genius scientists (yup, he wears a lab coat) who helped develop our Vial lip stains without shame, describes it this way…

“There are several benefits and a great natural process story. First, the fermentation process increases the concentration of fatty acids in the desert date oil. The more fatty acids there are, the more moisturizing benefits. Secondly, there’s a natural delivery system for better penetration and moisturization. The fermentation process joins oil and water molecules together using a natural process, instead of a synthetic one, so the molecules can get through the skin’s barrier together to achieve lasting hydration and deliver the benefits of the fatty acids into the skin.”



How It Works

With the green chemistry innovations, fermented desert date oil creates a more pampering, hydrolocking color experience. Yup, that’s right: you got that hydro on lock! When you prime your lips with the Vial primer, a hybrid silica cross-polymer works as an encapsulating agent that gets sticky on the outside while holding your fermented desert date oil and sunflower oil on the inside.

Once the Vial Primed Lip Primer feels tacky, you add your favorite Vial shade. When the two of them lock with the elastoflex setting system, which is blended into each shade, they lock tightly together and hold securely while feeling soft, smooth, and sexy.

Green chemistry technology means you’re always keeping the good ingredients under your primer while locking color tightly on top. #Hydrolock

The moral of this story is to Stain Without Shame with Vial. That means better ingredients that won’t whip your lips. For more information on Vial by Perfectly Posh, talk to your Perfectly Posh Consultant or visit 

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