Steps to Prepping for a Holiday Party

6 Poshy Party Prepping Pointers

It’s that time of year again—the holiday party. Make the most of it with these 6 easy party prepping tips to ensure you look and feel your best.

  1. Start fresh. The Holly Jolly™ Chunk bath bar is perfect for getting you in the holiday mood, scented with pomegranate, pine, and clove. If time is an issue, at least start with a clean face. For a fuss free wash, we’re in love with Bare It All™ Micellar Wipes.

  2. Drink a few big glasses of water. Between dancing, drinking, high-sodium appetizers, and chatting all night long, you’re bound to get dehydrated, which all but guarantees you’ll wake up feeling “ew.”

  3. Prime to shine. Start with a primer like You’ve Got It Glowing On™ Prism Primer for a flawless look. You’ll also want to make sure your lips are super smooth, especially this time of year when they’re prone to be at their driest. Opt for a gentle lip scrub followed by a lip oil.

  4. Keep it simple. We’re a fan of keeping makeup minimal and going for glow around the holidays, so pick a feature to...feature. For example, choose between a bold lip or a smoky eye but not both. For a finishing touch, blend in Nice Ice™ Glittery Skin Stick on cheekbones and anywhere else you want some holiday shimmer.

  5. Tame your tresses. Whether you had time to wash your hair or just need to make your messy bun less messy, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Polish up ends with a smoothing serum. If you’re looking to steer clear of petroleum-based serums, try Enchant Tress™ Hair Serum.

  6. Be scent-sational. We can all agree that Judy in accounting wears waaay too much perfume. Don’t be Judy. Pick a subtle yet warm scent that will make you feel festive and that can be enjoyed by everyone standing close to you but not across the whole room. At Posh, we like to let our Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crèmes and perfume crayons set the mood.

What are you favorite party prepping tips? Share you holiday party ideas and photos on our Facebook page with #partywithPosh.

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