How to De-Stress During the Holidays


De-Stress Your Season

With all the giving you do around the holidays, it’s easy to get stressed. Not only are you checking your naughty vs. nice list, but you’re also wrapping presents, decorating, baking, building name it, you’re doing it! But when are you taking time to give back to yourself? TIME OUT! Go put on a claymation cartoon for the kids and relax! #youdeserveit

Try some of these things to help you de-stress this season:

  1. Don’t do the drama, mama! If there’s a specific seasonal sitch you traditionally get stressed out in, simply opt out this year. For example, if you don’t want to go caroling with your in-laws (who can blame you?), play hooky and pamper yourself with some tea and your favorite face mask. If you ask us, your throat sounds a little sore (wink, wink); you should stay in and get some rest.

  2. Hydrate. We know it seems a little counterintuitive to put down that glass of bubbly, but drinking less alcohol and drinking more water, especially during the holidays, can help keep your head clear and headache free. If you’re at a holiday party, try a mixing a mocktail, like a paloma fizz. Or, if you’re going to imbibe, drink a glass of water between every cocktail. And drive responsibly.

    P.S. If you do end up with a bit of a hangover, try using a Perk Skin Stick™. The blend of shea butter and peppermint oil can help improve your outlook and invigorate you enough to get you to your next holiday party.

  3. Get gifts early. We know it seems annoying when you walk into a shop and they’re playing holiday music before the Halloween candy has even disappeared from the shelves. But sometimes handling gifts early allows you to enjoy the holidays when it really matters...during the holidays. Want some early gift giving ideas? Try pampering products from Posh, like our pomegranate, citrus, and mango butter Chunk™, Holly Jolly, or our Nice Ice Glittery Skin Stick. Both make seasonal gift-giving a pampering and stress-free experience.

  4. Get some sleep! You can’t be at your best if you’re not well-rested. Plus, when you don’t sleep, you get cranky, and when you’re cranky, your name goes on the #naughtylist. Nobody wants that. Get enough ZZZ’s, even if you have to wrap one less present or frost one less cookie. It’ll be OK.

  5. Take a bath. Taking a bath can totally improve your mood, condition your skin, and relax your mind and body. The benefits are BIG! Turn on your tub and add some pampering into the mix with All Mixd Up effects, plus your favorite Fízi bath bomb.

Psst. There are seven new Falliday Fízi Flavors. Ask your Perfectly Posh Consultant for more details.

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