NEW Self Care Supplements from Perfectly Posh

Knosh by Perfectly Posh Very Sleepy Gumdrop with melatonin in macaron pill boxes

Perfectly Posh = Pampering Product Innovation

A year in the making, our amazing Product Development team has brought our pampering game to a whole new level! REALLY GOOD and REALLY FUN products to use that help you recharge and reset so you can go out and take of everything and everyone in your life, while treating yourself inside and out.

First, we’ve upped our active-ingredient game on some of our best-selling and unique Skin Sticks, then partnered them with tasty treats that give you energy, manage your mood, and help you nod off at night, pampering around the clock in a way that’s uniquely Posh. Meet Knosh by Perfectly Posh as we proudly declare, “SELF CARE IS A TREAT.”

Meet Our Inside-Out Pampering Line Up

So Perky™

No time to slow down? So Perky helps you do you with naturally energizing ingredients that won’t pep you up just to let you down with a caffeine crash.

So Perky Skin Stick

Once upon a time, we gave you peppermint essential oil blended with shea butter and beeswax in our Perk!™ Skin Stick. While amazing and perfectly portable, new technologies allow us to REALLY up our actives game. Now you can enjoy an experience that enlivens your senses and truly benefits your skin. 

  • MORE peppermint essential oil to help you look and feel more awake and improve the appearance of dull skin, plus soothe tension headaches and muscle tightness

  • + Natural caffeine to instantly energize you and your skin

  • + Green coffee oil to help plump and smooth skin’s appearance

  • + Blood orange, vitamin C, and ginger, rich in antioxidants and skin soothing properties

  • + Rosemary to invigorate

So Perky Drink Mix

Put a little extra spring in your step, So Perky Mint Julep Drink Mix is here to get your through your day! A 100% natural brain-buzz blend with 150 mg of caffeine extracted from:

  • Green coffee, which features metabolic boosters to help with weight management

  • Matcha green tea, featuring L-Theanine for focused, calm energy

Plus “jitter reducing” energy, thanks to:

  • Gotu kola, an herb known to have anti-stress effects and help boost concentration and memory

  • Panax ginseng to help increase energy while promoting a relaxed vibe

  • Vitamin B cocktail including: B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 for recovery and sustained energy 


With so MANY great ingredients to power you both internally and externally, try So Perky:


–as part of a morning routine to wake you up

–for afternoon sluggishness

–anytime you need a little extra spring in your step 

Happy Dance™

Meet our NEW Mood Management Happy Dance blend. We all have up days and down, and when you need to keep your cool or take the edge off, the best supplemental ingredients are here to help.

Happy Dance Skin Stick

Smooth lemon and rosemary scented Happy Dance Skin Stick anywhere you’re feeling edgy to help you unwind. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Valerian root and hops for soothing your stress

  • Passion flower to calm you 

  • German chamomile to help restore irritated skin

  • Rhodiola rosea root helps evoke happiness and a sense of well-being

Happy Dance Hard Candy

Take it to the next level when you treat yourself to a Happy Dance Hard Candy to help manage your mood. We’ve taken our blend of happiness-helping ingredients and added them to a delicious lemon raspberry hard candy treat. 

To use, pop one to four every day to help bring calm, well-being, and happy feelings to everything you need to do. 

Try Happy Dance and feel naturally balanced when:

–You have to go to the DMV

–You stepped on your kids’ Legos (again)

–The guy next to you in line has waaay more than 15 items (and it’s the express checkout)

–The driver in front of you is talking on their cell phone

Very Sleepy™

We ALL know how important it is to get a great night’s sleep, and that’s so much easier said than done… unless we make you Very Sleepy! 

Very Sleepy Skin Stick

Start with our loaded Very Sleepy Skin Stick. Pressure points, temples, neck… anywhere you could use a little calm will benefit from:

  • LOTS of lavender

  • + Melatonin and evening primrose to calm 

  • + Chamomile for relaxation

  • + Our very own blend of Poshbiotics™ to balance, calm, and soothe 

Very Sleepy Gumdrop

Once you’re primed and soothed with our Very Sleepy Skin Stick, about 20–30 minutes before bedtime, you can pop one or two Very Sleepy Gumdrops, then let our quality melatonin (5 mg per 2 gumdrops) go to work quickly and gently to lull you into a great night’s sleep that will let you wake up bright-eyed and refreshed. Your Knosh Gumdrop is made from pectin, is 100% vegetarian, and is flavored with natural strawberry.

Get your beauty rest to wakeup looking like a knock out and ready to take on the world. Try Very Sleepy when:

–You can’t stop thinking about your crappy work day

–You have jet lag

–You have to wake up sooo early

–Your anxiety is turned up to a 10

Knosh is the perfect way to make pampering even more holistic, and to give all of us what we need to succeed. It was no small feat, but we’ve made it the BEST and Posh-iest way we know how: 

  • All natural colors and flavors

  • Efficacious

  • Made in the USA (not an easy thing to find!)

Plus, all Knosh products are made in allergy-friendly facilities that don’t use milks, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soybeans.

We love that now you can treat yourself to even better self care when you pair our new Skin sticks with Knosh by Perfectly Posh. Energy, good moods, and sleep are critical to you living your best life! Talk to your Influencer today to learn more about how self care happens inside and out.